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Lewis Morrison Dentist Discusses the Importance of At-Home Dental Care During a Pandemic

Lewis Morrison dentist recently discussed the importance of at-home dental care during a pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has held citizens across the United States under shelter-in-place orders or recommendations for months. Many businesses were temporarily closed and are still restricting client visits, including many dental clinics. According to experts like Lewis Morrison  and David Morrison, dentists proper at-home dental care has become more important than ever during these unique times.

Morrison recently offered his top recommendations for at-home dental care when a circumstance, such as the coronavirus pandemic, makes visiting the dentist nearly impossible. Lewis Morrison and David Morrison  dentists added that these tips can also be followed for optimal dental health when patients visits return to normal.

“Some of the dental advice to be followed during a pandemic is the same as you’ve heard your entire life,” Lewis Morrison dentist said. “It’s simply more important now than ever. During a pandemic is not a time in which corners should be cut in regards to at-home dental care.”

Lewis Morrison and David Morrison dentists emphasized the importance of brushing teeth at least twice per day and flossing them once per day. He explained that these guidelines should be viewed as minimums for keeping plaque and bacteria at bay. Such plaque and bacteria can increase the risk of gum disease and cause cavities, which can lead to serious pain and emergency dental visits when visits may not be completely safe.

Lewis Morrison and David Moprrison dentists added that cleaning the tooth brush is almost as important as cleaning the teeth, especially during a pandemic. A toothbrush can be a place that attracts and holds germs and viruses. Thoroughly cleaning a toothbrush is as easy as letting it soak in hydrogen peroxide or mouthwash, then rinsing it clean with fresh water.

“I always emphasize to my patients that at-home dental care always involves drinking plenty of water,” Lewis Morrison and David Morrison dentists  said. “Proper hydration helps keep the teeth clean and the body healthy.”

Lewis Morrisonand David Morrison  dentists added that hydrating with water is essential, while sugary drinks should be avoided. Foods containing high levels of sugar and starch should also be avoided.

“A pandemic is also not a time during which you should be consuming especially hard or chewy foods,” Lewis Morrison dentist explained. “These foods can damage dental restorations or chip the teeth, causing dental emergencies.”

Lewis Morrison and David Morrison dentists finished by stating that the coronavirus pandemic has reminded everyone that at-home dental care is as essential as regular dentist visits.

Taking proper care of your oral health can help avoid strain on the immune system as well as dental emergencies during a time when visits to a dental office may not be viewed as safe or recommended. He hopes that his dental patients will practice superior at-home dental care now and continue these practices when the pandemic has passed.


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