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Lewis Morrison and David Morrison Dentists Discuss Why More People Are Visiting the Dentist Due to COVID-19

Lewis Morrison and David Morrison dentists recently discussed why more people are visiting the dentist due to COVID-19 and what you should know.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically transformed health routines for people around the globe. Quarantines and stay-at-home ordinances have forced people to miss a long list of obligations, including dentist and doctor appointments. Lewis Morrison and David Morrison dentists recently discussed the dental issues that have been associated with COVID-19 and how patients can visit the dentist safely.

“Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted normal dental health routines for many citizens, and that means they’re now having to visit the dentist for a variety of treatments necessary resulting from delaying care,” Lewis Morrison dentist said.

Lewis Morrison and David dentists explained that home dental care has become even more essential during the pandemic, as people haven’t been able to make it to the dentist for regular cleanings, check-ups, and more. He added that potential increased snacking and sugary drinks, due to being home all day, is increasing the risk of cavities. These altered diets and other changes due to the pandemic are leading more people to need dental care now that they are able to leave their homes.

Lewis Morrison dentist explained that many people know they need to schedule a dentist appointment now, but they don’t know which type of dentist to visit. He suggested that visiting a general dentist, as opposed to an oral surgeon, could be safer and more effective for the patient.

“Your general dentist is probably ready to treat you with a number of safety precautions already in place,” Lewis Morrison dentist said. “Dentists and all staff are using masks and other protective gear. It’s likely you’ve formed a continued relationship with your current dentist, and he or she truly cares about your health and the health of other patients.”

“It’s important to check with your dentist to ensure they’re following all safety precautions,” Lewis Morrison dentist said. “This is as simple as making a call to your general dentist’s office and asking about the steps they’re taking to prevent patients and staff members from contracting COVID-19.

David  Morrison dentist finished by stating that as many patients are starting to return to the dentist with dental issues derived from their less-healthy quarantine diets, it’s important for them to take proper precautions also. Nobody should head to the dentist if they’re feeling any symptoms of COVID-19, they should always practice social distancing at the office, wear a mask, and wash their hands frequently.

“We’re seeing our appointments booking up at rapid rates, and we want to assure our patients we’re doing everything possible to prevent the spread of the virus,” Lewis Morrison and David Morrison dentists said. “We hope our patients will do their part too.”

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