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Lewis Morrison Dentist

Lewis Morrison Dentist Shines Expert Spotlight on Mini Dental Implant Solutions

Expert Lewis Morrison dentist provides professional insight into mini dental implants available courtesy of himself and his team at Morrison Dental Care.


Increasingly popular with a wealth of patients, Lewis Morrison dentist of Morrison Dental Care showcases just some of the many benefits of mini dental implant solutions, available from the expert and his staff at their top-rated Saratoga County practice in the popular town of Clifton Park, New York.


“Mini dental implants often do not involve any surgery, meaning that bleeding is minimal, controlled by the placement of the implant itself,” explains Lewis Morrison dentist, speaking from his office at Morrison Dental Care in Saratoga County, New York.


This is particularly advantageous, Lewis Morrison dentist says, to individuals who wish to avoid having an incision made, either out of fear of discomfort or where there’s a concern about problems with bleeding. “Furthermore, you can immediately place a restoration tooth on the implant,” he points out, “without having to wait for up to three months as with other implants.”


According to Lewis Morrison dentist, mini dental implant solutions are far smaller than traditional implants and come with significantly less discomfort. “Mini dental implants are usually placed by general dentists rather than oral surgeons,” Morrison explains, “and often do not require any form of sedation whatsoever.”


Lewis Morrison dentist says that this has the added benefit of zero, or close to zero, downtime, meaning that mini dental implants cause far less disturbance to patients’ busy lifestyles. “Most patients can have a mini dental implant placed and then head straight to work with only a few aspirin analgesics during the day,” reveals the expert.


There’s a significant financial benefit of choosing mini dental implants over traditional implant solutions, too, Lewis Morrison dentist reports. “Because mini dental implants are one piece, and are easily placed, they’re often as little as ⅔  of the cost of a standard implant,” suggests Morrison.


Mini dental implant solutions have now been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for more than 15 years, according to Lewis Morrison dentist. “Approved by the FDA for over 15 years, the latest mini dental implant solutions offer the same success rate as traditional implants,” adds the expert in closing, “making them a compelling choice for a wide range of patients across the board.”


Lewis Morrison dentist has been making healthy, beautiful, and bright smiles a reality for patients of all ages in Clifton Park and surrounding areas for almost forty years. Lewis Morrison dentist and his staff are widely praised for their willingness to go above and beyond, the relaxing atmosphere on offer at Morrison Dental Care, and plenty more besides. Morrison Dental Care in Clifton Park, New York, is currently rated 4.9/5 based on over 350 Google reviews, 5/5 on Vitals.com, and 4.9/5 based on approximately 600 testimonials courtesy of customer feedback platform BirdEye. Lewis Morrison dentist and Morrison Dental Care also boast more than two dozen personal recommendations on hyperlocal social networking service for neighborhoods, Nextdoor.

Lewis Morrison Dentist

Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY achieves five-star rating on BirdEye for businesses

Saratoga County-based Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY achieves top rating on leading customer feedback service, BirdEye, with hundreds of delighted reviews from patients.


Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY has been making healthy, beautiful, and bright smiles a reality for patients of all ages in Clifton Park and surrounding areas for over 40 years. Top-rated with approximately 600 testimonials available on customer feedback service BirdEye, Morrison Dental Care is currently scored 5/5 by the platform, now the world’s most-awarded solution of its kind.


As of September 2020, Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY enjoys a total of 592 reviews on BirdEye for businesses.


Morrison Dental Care’s latest review on BirdEye comes from patient Maureen. “Everyone is so kind and professional at Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY. They make you feel welcomed each visit. During this pandemic, they had many protocols in place. I felt safe. Thank you to Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY, they are so caring,” says her delighted testimonial posted just a few days ago.


“My husband has suffered most of his life with bad teeth,” says another recent Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY testimonial. “Morrison Dental Care in Clifton Park, New York, is taking such good care of him!” they go on. “The Morrison Dental Care staff are wonderful, and my granddaughter loves to go with us because of all the cool books and toys there,” concludes the five-star feedback.


“Wonderful staff at Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY,” says a further recent testimonial on the BirdEye platform. “Wonderful experience and highly recommended,” adds the grateful Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY patient.


Hundreds of additional reviews go on to heap praise on Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY for the practice’s willingness to go above and beyond, the efficient, friendly, compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable nature of Morrison Dental Care’s staff, the relaxing atmosphere on offer, and plenty more besides.


Alongside Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY, 7,500 or more dental practices—and over 50,000 businesses of all shapes and sizes in total—place their trust in BirdEye, according to the software company, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, part of Silicon Valley – a global center for high technology and innovation. Winning over 400 awards for ten quarters in a row, BirdEye is now the most-awarded and highest-rated customer experience software in the world, the company reports.


In addition to achieving a 5/5 rating on BirdEye for businesses, Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY also boasts a score of 4.9/5 based on over 350 Google reviews, 5/5 on Vitals.com, and more than two dozen personal recommendations on hyperlocal social networking service for neighborhoods, Nextdoor.

To find out more about Morrison Dental Care in Clifton Park, New York, check out the practice on BirdEye at https://birdeye.com/morrison-dental-care-144236214616513/ or search online for Morrison Dental Care Clifton Park NY.

Lewis Morrison Dentist

Lewis Morrison Dentist Discusses the Importance of At-Home Dental Care During a Pandemic

Lewis Morrison dentist recently discussed the importance of at-home dental care during a pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has held citizens across the United States under shelter-in-place orders or recommendations for months. Many businesses were temporarily closed and are still restricting client visits, including many dental clinics. According to experts like Lewis Morrison  and David Morrison, dentists proper at-home dental care has become more important than ever during these unique times.

Morrison recently offered his top recommendations for at-home dental care when a circumstance, such as the coronavirus pandemic, makes visiting the dentist nearly impossible. Lewis Morrison and David Morrison  dentists added that these tips can also be followed for optimal dental health when patients visits return to normal.

“Some of the dental advice to be followed during a pandemic is the same as you’ve heard your entire life,” Lewis Morrison dentist said. “It’s simply more important now than ever. During a pandemic is not a time in which corners should be cut in regards to at-home dental care.”

Lewis Morrison and David Morrison dentists emphasized the importance of brushing teeth at least twice per day and flossing them once per day. He explained that these guidelines should be viewed as minimums for keeping plaque and bacteria at bay. Such plaque and bacteria can increase the risk of gum disease and cause cavities, which can lead to serious pain and emergency dental visits when visits may not be completely safe.

Lewis Morrison and David Moprrison dentists added that cleaning the tooth brush is almost as important as cleaning the teeth, especially during a pandemic. A toothbrush can be a place that attracts and holds germs and viruses. Thoroughly cleaning a toothbrush is as easy as letting it soak in hydrogen peroxide or mouthwash, then rinsing it clean with fresh water.

“I always emphasize to my patients that at-home dental care always involves drinking plenty of water,” Lewis Morrison and David Morrison dentists  said. “Proper hydration helps keep the teeth clean and the body healthy.”

Lewis Morrisonand David Morrison  dentists added that hydrating with water is essential, while sugary drinks should be avoided. Foods containing high levels of sugar and starch should also be avoided.

“A pandemic is also not a time during which you should be consuming especially hard or chewy foods,” Lewis Morrison dentist explained. “These foods can damage dental restorations or chip the teeth, causing dental emergencies.”

Lewis Morrison and David Morrison dentists finished by stating that the coronavirus pandemic has reminded everyone that at-home dental care is as essential as regular dentist visits.

Taking proper care of your oral health can help avoid strain on the immune system as well as dental emergencies during a time when visits to a dental office may not be viewed as safe or recommended. He hopes that his dental patients will practice superior at-home dental care now and continue these practices when the pandemic has passed.


Lewis Morrison and David Morrison Dentists Discuss Why More People Are Visiting the Dentist Due to COVID-19

Lewis Morrison and David Morrison dentists recently discussed why more people are visiting the dentist due to COVID-19 and what you should know.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically transformed health routines for people around the globe. Quarantines and stay-at-home ordinances have forced people to miss a long list of obligations, including dentist and doctor appointments. Lewis Morrison and David Morrison dentists recently discussed the dental issues that have been associated with COVID-19 and how patients can visit the dentist safely.

“Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted normal dental health routines for many citizens, and that means they’re now having to visit the dentist for a variety of treatments necessary resulting from delaying care,” Lewis Morrison dentist said.

Lewis Morrison and David dentists explained that home dental care has become even more essential during the pandemic, as people haven’t been able to make it to the dentist for regular cleanings, check-ups, and more. He added that potential increased snacking and sugary drinks, due to being home all day, is increasing the risk of cavities. These altered diets and other changes due to the pandemic are leading more people to need dental care now that they are able to leave their homes.

Lewis Morrison dentist explained that many people know they need to schedule a dentist appointment now, but they don’t know which type of dentist to visit. He suggested that visiting a general dentist, as opposed to an oral surgeon, could be safer and more effective for the patient.

“Your general dentist is probably ready to treat you with a number of safety precautions already in place,” Lewis Morrison dentist said. “Dentists and all staff are using masks and other protective gear. It’s likely you’ve formed a continued relationship with your current dentist, and he or she truly cares about your health and the health of other patients.”

“It’s important to check with your dentist to ensure they’re following all safety precautions,” Lewis Morrison dentist said. “This is as simple as making a call to your general dentist’s office and asking about the steps they’re taking to prevent patients and staff members from contracting COVID-19.

David  Morrison dentist finished by stating that as many patients are starting to return to the dentist with dental issues derived from their less-healthy quarantine diets, it’s important for them to take proper precautions also. Nobody should head to the dentist if they’re feeling any symptoms of COVID-19, they should always practice social distancing at the office, wear a mask, and wash their hands frequently.

“We’re seeing our appointments booking up at rapid rates, and we want to assure our patients we’re doing everything possible to prevent the spread of the virus,” Lewis Morrison and David Morrison dentists said. “We hope our patients will do their part too.”

Dr. Lewis Morrison Dentist Discusses Why Mini Dental Implants May Be the Perfect Solution to Your Missing Tooth or Teeth

Lewis Morrison dentist recently discussed why mini dental implants could be the ideal solution for a missing tooth or teeth.

The dental industry is constantly advancing, and doctors like Lewis Morrison dentist are always at the cutting-edge of these changes. Mini dental implants are state-of-the-art implants that are slightly smaller than traditional implants are used in the lower jaw. They require a less complicated installation procedure than traditional implants. Lewis Morrison dentist recently discussed why mini dental implants could be the ideal solution for your missing tooth or teeth.

Lewis Morrison dentist explained installing mini dental implants does not involve surgery. That means the process is drastically quicker and less painful for the patient. In fact, Lewis Morrison dentist explained mini dental impacts typically result in little to no bleeding. He added that this process is ideal for those who have concerns with bleeding problems or simply don’t want to deal with the discomfort associated with incisions and surgery. Mini dental implants can also be placed by general dentists, which means patients don’t need to wait weeks or months to receive an operation from a qualified oral surgeon.

“Another major advantage of mini dental implants is that the process can be completed immediately,” Lewis Morrison dentist said. “You can place a restoration tooth on the implant and not have to wait three months like other, traditional implants.”

Lewis Morrison dentist added that mini dental implants have a much smaller impact on the patient’s lifestyle. They don’t require multiple visits to complete and require drastically less sedation than traditional implants. This allows patients to return to work the same day without the need for major pain killers. Typically, a patient only needs a few aspirins following the procedure to minimize any minor discomforts that may take place.
“I often recommend mini dental implants to anyone concerned with finding a more budget-friendly option,” Lewis Morrison dentist said. “Our mini dental implants cost significantly less than wider implants. This can be a major benefit to many patients.”

Dentists like Lewis Morrison dentist explain that mini dental implants have been accepted by the FDA for 15 years. He explained that studies show mini dental implants have the same success rate as traditional, wider implants without invasive surgery, resulting in pain, and extended recovery time.
“We have had great success with our mini dental implants, and our patients have been more than pleased,” Lewis Morrison dentist said. “Our clients are entering the office with far less anxiety and are leaving with immediate results. We expect to see more patients opting for mini dental implants over traditional implants in the coming months and years.”

Lewis Morrison dentist encourages anyone interested in receiving dental implants to contact him for more information about this more affordable and less invasive option.